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Golden Twenties Lawn Party

June 11 11:30 am-4:30 pm

Appleby-Devoe Library

166 Main Street East Brunswick

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Appleby Devoe Memorial Library
166 Main St

Come celebrate the anniversary of the Appleby-Devoe Memorial Library with us and go back in time to the

Golden Twenties!

It will be the bee's knees!


Rutgers MGSA Jazz Students 
Jazz exploded onto society in the 1920s with the likes of Duke Ellington, Joseph "King" Oliver, and Louis Armstrong.  MGSA Jazz students will be performing throughout the day the jazz styles of the 1920s.

Jumpin Entertainment 
The professional dance couple will be demonstrating 1920s dance styles such as the Charleston, the Fox Trot, the Texas Tommy, and many others!  Throughout the day they will be performing as well as instructing visitors on the dance moves!

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Screen Shot 2022-05-07 at 11.30.49 PM.png


Grab your blanket and picnic basket!

Grab a spot on the Devoe Library lawn  to layout your picnic blanket and snacks while bringing yourself into the 1920s!

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Crafts, Outdoor Games,

and smiles!

East Brunswick Arts Commission will be at the event providing some family friendly crafts for both children and adults!

East Brunswick Museum will be open with tours of the exhibitions in June.


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