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Spread Your Wings! Butterfly Sponsorship

The outdoor exhibit entitled Spread Your Wings made its debut in September 2021, featuring 15

fiberglass butterflies set on pedestals or affixed to trees throughout East Brunswick for residents and

visitors to enjoy.

East Brunswick Arts Coalition kicked-off the exhibit at Butterfly Park on September 18, 2021 at 1:00 pm with music and activities for the public to enjoy. The visitors were invited to view the

art and hear from many of the artists that will be stationed at their butterflies to discuss their work and

answer any questions.

The butterfly statues along with their nameplates of artist and sponsor will be permanently installed in

the following locations and a map will be provided and available online for people to view:

1. Butterfly Park (3)

2. Community Art Center

3. East Brunswick Public Library

4. Crystal Springs

5. EB Baseball Field

6. Heavenly Farms

7. Senior Center

8. Bicentennial Park (2)

9. Great Oak Park

10. East Brunswick Museum

11. East Brunswick Historical Area (2)

For more information on sponsoring a butterfly or if you would like for one to be placed at your business, please contact us at:

Email: or submit through the form below

We'd like to hear from you!

Interested in sponsoring, please let us know.

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